rob  and  sheila
Our partnership began in 1991, learning Country-Western at a dance hall in Westville, NJ. Dancing has since become our way of life and has brought us many good times and many more good friends
We danced Country & Western for a couple of years, learning all the partner dances with 2 Step being our favorite, then visited a little 3 day convention in Cape May, N.J. where we were mesmerized by West Coast Swing. We started taking lessons in West Coast and quickly became addicted. Before long we were competing and traveling to events from coast to coast.                                                                                                             
In the mid - 90's we began teaching WCS and hosting local dances, and after a few years of teaching, hosting, and traveling the West Coast Swing national circuit of events, we were introduced to Carolina Shag, the official state dance of South Carolina. This smooth style swing dance captured our hearts the minute we saw it and we traveled the Shag circuit for years, competing in CSA contests throughout the South and demonstrating and teaching this dance to anyone who would give us a chance.. In the year 2000 we founded the Delaware Valley Shag & Swing Club and are to this day, the acting president and vice-prez of this not-for-profit dance group..

In 2005, after having danced on several competitive WCS and Carolina Shag dance teams, we organized, coached and choreographed The Atrium Swing Team, the first West Coast Swing performance team in the Phila/S. Jersey area. We did a second team in 2007, and  then a third team in  2008.

In 2009 we joined the World Swing Dance Council as professional members, and in 2012 realized our longtime dream in creating Freedom Swing Dance Challenge, a WSDC registry event, and hosting it right here in Philadelphia.

Two years later, we added the Philly Swing Classic, another 3 day WCS event, which we hosted in the fall of 2013, and which will be added to the list of WSDC registry events in 2014.
Our love for music and dance has taken us to many exciting places; we've danced & met many fun and interesting people, danced & developed some wonderful friendships, we've danced & and learned so much along the way. 

Welcome to our world of dance. As you can see, we teach dance; DJ dances; host dances, offer group and private lessons and more. We hope you'll join us somewhere for a lesson, an event, a party or just a dance. Your world of dance awaits you!